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The attorneys of Stone Busailah, LLP have extensive experience representing public safety personnel, public employees, and private citizens in civil, criminal, administrative, and appellate litigation in state and federal courts. We maintain effectual defense practices and sound judgment in representation, forming a lasting partnership between the firm and our clients. We gain your trust through our expert legal counsel and client-centered focus.

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Michael P. Stone and Muna Busailah are the founders of Police Litigation Sciences, Inc., a collaboration of consultants, trainers, forensic expert witnesses, and trial lawyers. We offer consultation services, trial assistance, and extensive knowledge of police training, policy, tactics, and standards to relieve trial counsel in police litigation cases of the burdens of being solely responsible for development and execution of the entire defense case. Michael P. Stone is available for expert consultation and testimony in police training, policy, and practices. Please visit our website for further information at Police Litigation Sciences, Inc.

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